Question 1. Should I clean the rims before?

Yes. We recommend that you thoroughly clean the rims with a special wheel cleaner, preferably without detergent and without acetone. Once the rims cleaned, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.  

Question 2. To what should I pay attention for the first layer?

First, to protect the tire, we recommend that you place the protection cards between the tire and the rim overlapping evenly. After that, when you apply the first layer, do not put too much. The first layer should be very thin. Just a veil.
Thus, it can dry quickly and the solvent has time to evaporate completely. This will prevent the creation of bubbles and drips.

Question 3. How much should be applied on a rim?

Due to our testing, we advise you to use one can per rim. We designed the set so that you have enough for the four wheels.
If you have some left, why not try other places, at home (kitchen, bathroom, garage, garden ...) or on your bike, scooter, quad ...?

Question 4. How long should I wait before applying subsequent coats?

Once the first layer is dry enough, about 15 minutes after application, you can put the second layer. The second layer should also be thin, for the same reasons as detailed in the second question.

Question 5. How long should you wait before handling the wheels?

Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, is dust dry very quickly, around 15 minutes after spraying. We recommend that you wait one hour before putting the rims back on the car.

Question 6. What should I do when I see an damage on the film?

Nothing could be simpler. Using a glove or a cotton swab, simply "clean up" the damaged area with a little solvent ensuring that you slightly "enlarge" the damage by wiping the edges. Once dried, simply reapply to cover.

Question 7. How to remove

To remove the film, nothing simpler. Simply lift a corner and pull. The film will come off by itself.