1. Thoroughly clean the rim with a special wheels cleaner, preferably without detergent and without acetone.
2. Carefully dry the rim with a soft cloth.
3. Once the rim is dry, position the protection cards between the tire and the rim, overlapping evenly (see picture Nr 1).
4. Before use, shake the can vigorously for 2 minutes.
5. Apply a first thin uniform layer at a distance of about 15cm.
6. Let dry for 10 minutes between each coat.
7. We recommend to use one can per rim and to apply it in several layers (see picture Nr 2).
8. Remove the masks as soon as you have finished applying the spray to the rim so that you prevent the mask from sticking to the in.pro.dip colour as it dries (see picture Nr 3).
9. Then let dry for at least 60 minutes before all manipulations.