23 Dec

2 new colours are now available in the In Pro Dip colour range

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17 Apr

The new colours are now available, let your imagination colour up your life!

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15 Jul

in.pro.dip is a new dip spray.
It is just like traditional paint applied in spray cans.

What is the advantage of in.pro.dip compared to paint?
Our dip spray has various advantages,

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11 Jul

How much in.pro.dip do you need for 1 rim?

Find out the answer in the following short video:


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14 May

in.pro.dip is a removable paint spray, which is ideal for giving a new or trendy look to your car, quad, motorbike, scooter, bicycle, etc. The big advantages of in.pro.dip are the simple way of usage, the possibility to remove it easily and the fact that it is affordable.

Suitable on many kinds of surfaces
in.pro.dip can be used on steel and aluminium rims, on lacquered surfaces, on metal, plastics, glass, rubber and many other materials.

The advantage of in.pro.dip versus paint
The big advantage of in.pro.dip compared to paint, is the fact that you can peel it off if you don´t need or don´t want it anymore. For example, it takes a lot of time and energy to remove paint, while in.pro.dip can be removed easily.

The other advantages of in.pro.dip
• Car wash resistant
• Resistant to high pressure washing
• Protects the rims of your car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle, etc
• Works also on slightly damaged rims
• Removable without residues
• Long lasting

in.pro.dip has many potential applications
There are many possibilities to use in.pro.dip, just have a look at the following applications, to get idea´s and inspiration for your own applications.

in.pro.dip applications

in.pro.dip is also ideal as protection
To remove the film, just take it at a corner and pull it off.

In which colors is in.pro.dip available?
in.pro.dip is now available in black, but other colors will be introduced soon.

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