How to dip your rims?

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on 15 July 2013 is a new dip spray.
It is just like traditional paint applied in spray cans.

What is the advantage of compared to paint?
Our dip spray has various advantages,

for an overview click: The advantage of versus paint

What is dip spray?

It is also described as rubber coating, rim paint, dip coating or dip paint.

What makes so special?
It is easily removable.

How to dip your aluminum rims?
1. The rims should be cleaned thoroughly (do not use acetone).
2. Places we do not want to spray, can be either taped or covered.
    You can also remove the wheels from your car, in that case it is convenient to use the free protective cards.
3. Shake the can.
    We recommend to shake the can at least during 1 minute vigorously.
4. Spray the spray can, until it is empty, in several thin layers.
    Let the dip spray dry for at least 10 minutes, after each layer.
5. Let the rim, after the last layer, dry for about an hour.

Can I clean my rims, after applying the dip spray, with high pressure?
Yes, that is possible. In the video below you can see the evidence.

How can I remove
By taking a part of the rubber coating spray and pull it off.

On which surfaces can I use
Our dip spray can be applied on all lacquered surfaces.

The ideal product for styling and protection of your aluminum rims! gives a new design, a new look and protection.